The Department of Anesthesiology offers a multidisciplinary approach to Anesthesia and Critical Care. Staying up to date on advancements in the field of clinical anesthesiology has allowed us to maintain a tradition of providing the finest healthcare for our patients. The department is dedicated to ensuring safety and efficient pain management for patients undergoing surgical procedures as well as during post-surgery recovery.

While choosing Anesthesiology you might have to overlook which clinic guides you the best multidisciplinary approach. The KMCT MCH- KHIRC provides 24 hour Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management consists of a team of respectful Anaesthesiologists. KMCT MCH adopts an incorporated strategy while giving basic consideration to the patients making it feasible for you to get the therapeutic consideration from our specialists of various medicinal divisions here. The dedicated team of KMCT MCH Anesthesiology department advice with the well-experienced Anaesthesiologists for different operating theatres and maternity services, what you seek for.

In addition to the advancement of specialties, surgical skill, and approached, anaesthesiology also improved and the Anaesthesia Department at KMCT MCH- KHIRC has kept pace with it. In order to consult with the known and unknown Anaesthesiologists, you can enquire us for making a quick appointment. The KMCT MCH Anaesthesiology department services start from preoperational optimization extending well to the post-operative period to make the patient who trusts KMCT MCH with comfortable as potential during and after successful surgery.

The department of KMCT MCH Anaesthesiology is well acknowledged with a super specialty training center in Critical Care Medicine. Even though. the Medical & Surgical Unit of KMCT MCH also provides ECMO therapy to extremely sick patients. KMCT MCH Anaesthesiology Department of Critical Care is functional 24×7×365.

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