Today general surgery has developed to such an extent that the body of knowledge and technical skills required have led the surgeons to specialise in particular areas. Usually, this is done in the anatomical area of the body or in a particular technique or type of patient. At KMCT Medical College the department of surgery is committed to providing efficient surgical care comprising of specialised surgeons. They also carry out a large number of elective operations. The dedicated team of surgeons and nurses supports patients with ultra-special surgical technology and treatment, hence curing their diseases.

We have highly qualified and trained nurses to support the doctors and to ensure proper treatment throughout emergency or organized surgery. The team of surgeons is well trained and talented enough to perform critical and complex surgeries including that of heart, endocrine system, gastrointestinal systems, arms, legs and hands, vascular system, and more. KMCT with unique medical ethics, surgical techniques and equipments, we sincerely work hard for the safety and wellness of our patients.

General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery at KMCT MCH- KHIRC is committed to enhancing patient outcomes through predominant surgical care offered by a qualified team of surgeons based on an associative approach, backed by advanced technological guidance. However, the With Level IV Trauma Care center as well as sophisticated intensive care facilities along with the best blood bank in the district says thank you to its component separation facility feature, KMCT MCH- KHIRC continuously strives to be responsible for the best all-around care.

With the improved surgical techniques and the incorporation of the latest innovations at the KMCT MCH hospital, the General Surgery department at KMCT MCH- KHIRC aims to shorten hospital stay and prolong quality of life. Even more, all the care centers in the KMCT MCH are fully equipped with the most modern surgical technological brilliance aiding in the complete and ample treatment of patients.

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