The centre of excellence for Nephrology at KMCT MCH hospital is provided with state of the art technical support as well as dedicated depart of Nephrology is truly providing the outstanding care to patients suffering all sort of kidney issues. The Department of Nephrology is additionally prepared to deal with a high volume of kidney transplants and all patients experiencing the system will have the capacity to benefit from the absolute best post-transplant care in the state.

Apart from at KMCT MCH hospital, you will available well-trained Physicians at some of the best educational services in the world, the CoE also possesses a highly-skilled team of nurses at this department, renal dieticians, and specialists, who adopt an evidence-based advance on to diagnosing patients and identifying the appropriate course of treatment.

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The 24 hours facility also exhibits a state-of-the-art dialysis centre and even more, we serve the Best Treatment for Diseases like a kidney stone, urinary incontinence adapts check-up for bladder stones, as well as kidney failure through a proper check-up. Even more, the KMCT MCH department of Nephrology provides exhaustive care to each and every patient with kidney ailments issues reported. Perhaps, all patients are directed to suitable Nephrologists as per appointments and on the basis of the disease reported and it will be done be under round the clock expert guidance. Contact KMCT for treatments from the Best Nephrologists in Calicut .

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