Our Gynecology Department offers a holistic approach to gynecologic and obstetric healthcare for women. Our competent medical team offers exceptional healthcare services in the field of Gynecology, Obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine. We are dedicated to providing women with the highest quality of compassionate medical care that they deserve.
KMCT MCH specializes in the care of Women during the 1st stage to 9th-month pregnancy and in all-purpose care of woman’s reproductive organs, breast, as well as for sexual functions. We deal with a wide range of Obstetrics and maternal-fetal treatment which has been managed by a well-experienced doctor in the hometown. As the attention to a pregnant woman and even detecting the baby’s birth defects and routine checkup for a mother’s conditions a mandatory. Each stage scanning has to be done accordingly and stage-wise medicines should be applied. The position, the health condition of the baby what KMCT MCH Gynecology department more values during each medical checkup. Even though, our KMCT MCH Gynecology specialized doctors will be available as per your demands.


KMCT MCH provides all advanced Gynaec practices including minimally invasive surgical operations. A natural pregnancy values more by KMCH MCH. However, if you need the attention for a quick cesarean, we do care at the earliest with proper assistance with the patient and for the bystanders. At KMCT MCH the experienced Gynaecologist and the Obstetrics are feasible with the following Expertise and moreover, we are happy to handle all stages of Pregnancy considers;

  • Value regular examination over Mother and child to detect complications before becoming sick.
  • Diagnosing and handle menstrual and detailed hormonal disorders.
  • Guarantee our patients with the best doctors from the Indian Medical Council.
  • Pays better individual care to Pregnancy, childbirth as well as for postpartum.
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