The Paediatrics Department is committed to providing the highest standards of compassionate medical care for infants, children and adolescents. Our well trained team of paediatricians, paediatric surgeons and nurses aim to provide advanced and patient-centric medical care for the prevention and treatment of Children’s illness.

While choosing pediatrician you might confuse, who, where, which one guides the best. KMCT MCH- KHIRC values your demand and pays big attention to decisions what you follow up while choosing the best pediatrician. Referring to the best pediatrician is a tough task and if you got no reference or experience, should consider many things to keep in mind. KMCT MCH pediatric department treats you with the best comprehensive care in health difficulties of children with a dedicated service at affordable cost. The Child Development Clinic at KMCT MCH was started with the intent to give the best thought to cases like high-risk kids and even though the normal newborn children for the area of initial stage developmental aberrations.

Best Pediatrics Hospital in Calicut ‌‌

The biggest decisions or the challenge is that you make before your baby is born. KMCT MCH pediatric department cares about your decisions and makes a better choice. During the time of surgical treatment, the KMCT MCH pediatric department also runs a prenatal counseling clinic where pregnant mothers with defects of the fetus detected before delivery are seen. We also ensure a detailed investigated and put heads together about their baby, its overall diagnosis, management etc.

The KMCT MCH Paediatric Neurosurgery deals with brain Congenital malformations, Tumour as well as hydrocephalus. We offer the treatment in the department of KMCT MCH Paediatric at;

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Clubfoot
  • Bone cancer
  • Strict medical care to treat perversions that affect bone and joints

KHIRC is actively pursuing research in the fields of Tooth extraction, and in the treatment for dental caries as well as expertise in Surgical removal. KHIRC also provides regular camp on Paediatric services to those in need, in and around Kozhikode.

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