The pulmonology department at KMCT Medical College focuses specifically on diagnosing and treating disorders of the respiratory system of our patients. We have advanced technologies and medical equipments in pulmonology. Our team of doctors are well qualified and experienced in the treatment and analysis of various respiratory and lung diseases like infections, lung cancer, asthma, COPD, Pulmonary infection, Pleural diseases etc.

Our specialised doctors are stringent to provide individual care for a comprehensive range of health issues like allergy, asthma, smoking & cessation, lung cancer, etc. Isolation care is given to patients with chronic respiratory diseases and health issues. Specialised care under sleep lab facilities is provided by our talented pulmonologists to those with sleeping disorders like sleep apnoea, allergies, breathing disorders, etc. The EBUS feature under the department is doing its large part in diagnosing diagnose lung cancer, infections and other diseases. We strive for better care and treatment and follow international standards of medical procedures and principles. Thoracoscopy, Rigid Bronchoscopy, Fibre optic Bronchoscopy are also offered for better treatment when necessary. We are also specialized in giving Best Treatment for Cardiology 


We have now introduced pulmonary rehabilitation programs for a certain period of time for the patients with COPD at our hospital. So that they get enough time and space to manage their conditions, symptoms, improve strength, and recover their strength without going breathless. Our pulmonologists always offer instant and unique care to each patient.

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