Insurance Facility

We accept all main national and international insurance schemes to cater you to the finest probable medical care at reasonable charges. Below given are the TPA companies & other firms with whom KMCT MCH has Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – those companies which agree to take our package charges.

KMCT Medical College hospital facilitates the insurance for that health insurance claim under which the covered individual can get admitted to our hospital and benefit medical treatment. Right now, we’re not permitting Cashless insurance option though, you can avail the insurance even getting complete attention after the treatment. The procedure sounds simple for those who medical health insurance via KMCT. The opportunity of getting insurance in regard to the bill you paid over here KMCT can be demanded on the basis of Insurance you complied with us.

As we follow some pre-authorization procedure for getting avail the medical insurance at the time of submitting your hospital billing at our insurance department;

In case of any misleading papers regarding insurance submitted at KMCT, the same will rejected once after the verification. The availability of cashless insurance is not yet done with KMCT. Thus, however, hospitalization facility is subject to the approval of the insurance appraised expenditure on proposed treatment and the insurance can be demanded after that.

Insurance Providers

  • RSBY
  • Karunya
  • ESI
  • Snehasparsham
  • State Health Insurance
  • Star Health
  • Muthoot
  • NIT
  • ECHS
  • MAX Bupa
  • Vidal Health
Insurance Providers

TPAs(Third party administrators for Insurance companies)

Privilege Cards

  1. Shreyas
  2. Humsafar
  3. CARE
  4. Sevana
  5. Arogyasree
  6. Snehasparsham