CRT D Combo Device Implanted in Heart Failure Patient with Life Threatening Arrhythmia

A CRT D Combo device which can improve the pumping capacity and prevent sudden cardiac death has been successfully implanted in a 74-year-old heart failure patient at KMCT Heart Institute- KMCT Medical College Hospital in Mukkam recently.

The patient previously had coronary artery disease with heart failure and recently came with recurrent VT, intermittent AF, and severe bradycardia. He also suffered from acute lower limb ischemia.

The case was systemically diagnosed and treated by the HEART TEAM led by Dr. Sandeep Mohanan [Sr. Interventional Cardiologist – KMCT Medical College hospital] who recommended for implanting CRT D Combo device.

Dr Sandeep Mohanan, Dr Prashanth [Sr. Interventional Cardiologist – KMCT Medical College hospital], and the staff of Anaesthesia department participated in the successful procedure.

The patient was discharged in good condition without any complications.