Gynecology wing – KMCT WCH makes a Mark by Conducting Complex Surgery

The Gynecology wing at the KMCT Women and Child Hospital has performed a surgery on a two and half months pregnant lady and removed three tumors from uterus. This is the first for a hospital in Calicut to successfully perform such a complex surgery.

It was on 7/09/2018 that the pregnant lady consulted with Dr. Chellamma at KMCT Women and Child Hospital. She was suffering from acute abdomen pain. Methodically, diagnosing the case, Dr. Chellamma V. K. [Head of Gynecology dept- KMCT Women and Child Hospital] recommended surgical intervention.

“As the tumors were in the uterus, for protecting the baby, it was mandatory to remove the tumors, so we suggested surgery and advised the husband and wife to think and come up with their decision”, said Dr. Chellamma VK.

As per the request of the patient, Gynecology wing of KMCT Women and Child Hospital removed the tomors on 18th Sept, 2018. Though the patient left the hospital on 24th Sept, 2018, she continued the pregnancy related check-ups and tests on all the months.

The lady gave birth to a baby on 24th March, 2019 through surgical delivery. “It is the first case in Kerala and second case reported in India, said Dr Chellamma”.

Both surgeries were conducted by a team consisting Dr. Chellamma VK , Dr Anand Anesthesia dept,)and nurses.