KMCT MCH Celebrated World COPD Day

“Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has been recognized as the most common cause of death in the world,” Dr AK Abdul Khader, HoD-Pulmonology dept- KMCT Medical College, has said.

Dr AK Abdul Khader was inaugurating the World COPD Day at KMCT Medical College Hospital on Wed, Nov 15.

The COPD day celebration saw specialist sessions on different topics related Pulmonology. Dr Binuraj C, Asso. Prof.- KMCT Medical College, spoke on the topic “Clinical symptoms and diagnosis of COPD”.

A discussion on “Treatments of COPD” was led by Dr Abdul Samad MV- Asst. Prof. KMCT Medical College. Dr Mohmmed Wahid, Sr. Resident- KMCT Medical College, spoke on “Definition and aetiology of COPD – Air pollution & lung diseases”. Medical college students, staffs and patients were present on the occasion.