KMCT MCH Creates History by Open Surgery for Two Intracranial Tumours

Neurosurgeons at the KMCT MEDICAL College Hospital have performed two open intracranial tumoursurgeries on a 56-year-old woman. This is the first for a medical college hospital in Calicut to successfully perform such a complex surgery.

The patient, Sathi, hails from Calicut, had a history of left sided weakness, memory impairment, and speech impairment for the last six months. She was a known case of Lung cancer diagnosed one year back. When the pain turned out to be intolerable, she sought medical aid at the Neurosurgery branch of KMCT MCH.

Since there were two intracranial tumours (right side of the brain) and concluding the case as poor prognosis, the doctors of two hospitals (Including one Cancer institute) ruled out the choice of conservative treatment.

A team of neurosurgeons of KMCT MCH headed by Dr Bimal Govind conducted regular examinations & tests and identified two intracranial tumours- right side of the brain. Thoroughly, diagnosing the case, the team ruled out poor prognosis and suggested conservative treatment, as there are clear chances of patient returning to the normal life.

Conventional surgery is said to be an extremely hazardous choice according to main doctors, but we proved that it is not that much risky, if the diagnosis and treatments are correct, according to Dr Bimal Govind.

Though the whole course of action may cost a little bit high comparing to the normal open surgeries, Sathi was offered for affordable budget, taking into consideration her financial setup.

The surgery, which lasted for five hours, was conducted by a team consisting of Dr. Bimal Govind(MS & Mch), Dr. Sunny Alex (MD)- Anaesthesia, Sasikala (OT Chief )and nurses.

After the surgery Sathi regained the ability to move her limbs. She is on the path of complete recovery.