Rare Cardiac Surgery Performed at KMCT MCH

KMCT Medical College Hospital reached at another milestone by successfully conducting a highly complicated cardiac surgery.

Mr Rajan [Employee – National Institute of Technology, Calicut]  reached the hospital due to severe chest pain. After the diagnosis and tests, cardiology department team of KMCT Medical College Hospital suggested surgery on 7th March.

Now he is recovering and gradually moving to normal life. Dr Sandeep Mohan [Sr. Consultant & Asst. Professor– Dept of Cardiology – KMCT Medical College hospital], Dr Bijoy Jacob [Chief Consultant & HoD- Dept of Cardiothoracic Surgery- KMCT Medical College hospital] , and Dr Vijeesh Venugopal Prof. & HoD– Dept of Anaesthesiology- KMCT Medical College hospital] took part in the surgery.

Mr Rajan expressed his overwhelmed gratitude towards the doctors and hospital.