Preparing for Surgery

It is our attempt to make sure that your medical records are harmless and tests show the finest of results. To make certain that the process is effective and there are certain pre-operative measures that you as a patient will need to make.

To prepare for surgery:
• Get adequate rest, stress free and acquaint yourself with the guidelines given by the physician / surgeon.
• In the course of your stay at the hospital, we will make every effort to keep you harmless, avoid all possible difficulties, make sure positive results and above all keep you happy. We appeal you to follow the guidelines and valuable suggestions given below, to help you get ready yourself for your surgery.

Prior to your Surgery
• Ask your medical team, all the queries about the process and healing time
• If it is a day procedure, please make sure that you have an adult to escort you and to drive you home. If you are not able to have somebody escort you, inform in advance for taking necessary steps.
• If you do take ill prior to the day of your surgery, please contact your doctor immediately
• Shower or bathe before you are admitted to the hospital for your procedure, to decrease the chance of infections
• If you are a woman and discover that you may be pregnant, post diagnosis of your surgery requirements, please inform your surgeon, immediately
• Previous to your surgery, consult with your surgeon, if there are any medicines you will need to stop. Medications such as blood thinners, aspirin, etc and follow those instructions wisely

Day of Surgery
• We request you to exactly follow all the guidelines given by the doctor, such as intake of food or water, before your medical procedure
• Take those medications, such as blood pressure medications that have been suggested by your doctor with a small amount of water
• Bring or wear only loose and comfortable clothing
• Wear footwear that is flat
• All ornaments and valuables should be left at home

What you may bring along
• The medications you take every day, together with the dosage and how often you must take them
• If you use an asthma inhaler, you may bring this along
• Your reading glasses, hearing aid, dentures, if using any of these

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